I studied my bachelor at a big, campus university. By this nature, all the faculties were collocated next to each other, allowing the student organizations from different departments to organize extra- curricular activities and conferences to a wide range of audiences. However, in despite of this potential audience pool, these activities were suffering from a low level of participation. This was a problem and university administration came up with a solution.

Starting from the next academic year, students had to take a mandatory one credit course; this course required students to collect points by attending various talks and symposia organized within the campus. The longer the symposium, the more points you collect. In order to pass the course, students needed to reach a minimum amount of points. At the first glance, this may seem like an effective solution for the existing problem. But, is this really the case? Is this an effective strategy in the long run? Or does attending these talks to collect points just diminish the enjoyment students experience?

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