Hello world!

My name is Elena and I am one of the writers of the Braynz blog. This is my first blog entry. As an introductory post, I had some doubts on how to start. You see, Braynz was conceived with a common goal to make neuromarketing the marketing strategy of choice for companies. And for a year now, I have convinced myself that neuromarketing is the way to go. But you see, there’s big fuzz around this field. Many don’t know what it stands for, plenty that work with it have a vague idea of the value it brings (even Microsoft Word underlines the term with a red line, suggesting that it’s a made up term). So, I, decided to start from the bottom – how did neuromarketing come about? Where did it come from? Was it someone’s invention? Is it just a pure manipulation? This is the beginning of my thought process as I ask myself what do I know about neuromarketing, and what I think my reader should learn. So, let us begin!

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