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Braynz Nudging experiments on the DDMA Data Day

Those present will have seen them when they enter the plenary hall: the green footsteps that lead you to the front rows. In the context of stimulating good behavior, Braynz conducted several nudging experiments during the DDMA Data Day on November 10 in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Wondering if we could have influenced the behavior of […]

What is neuromarketing?

Hello world! My name is Elena and I am one of the writers of the Braynz blog. This is my first blog entry. As an introductory post, I had some doubts on how to start. You see, Braynz was conceived with a common goal to make neuromarketing the marketing strategy of choice for companies. And […]

More conversion through the right incentive? Test the unconscious brain

Braynz colleague Felix Hermsen wrote a great article for Frankwatching! Brief summary: By choosing the right incentive the conversion increases enormously. But how do you choose the right incentive? In practice this often happens on the basis of random individual suggestions. However, this does not always seem to be the best way. Pre-testing unconscious associations […]


Fact-based marketing: how do you support the gut feeling?

The second article from Felix Hermsen published on Frankwatching! Would it not be great if you already know how strongly a concept will score in practice during the creative marketing process? And how? In this article I explain how you can work towards a fact based- development process, resulting in happy consumers and more conversion. […]